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Art photography

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I am amazed by the light and shape, the detail. For me it is everything, the focal point, centre of my attention.

I believe that art is always around and as artists our mission is to make it just a little bit more visible.

I love photography because it helps me to share what I cannot express with word, like an extension of my mind, eyes and tongue.

Project "Artists during quarantine"

This spring (2020) I was in Italy and experienced Italian lockdown full speed. But I was lucky, because I spent it in the world of ceramics art. I participated in the project for the London gallery MadeInBritaly. The project is about artists during quarantine, how they live, what they do. My part was about the famous Italian sculptor Andrea Salvatori. The way he works, which projects are taking his attention during this historical times.


I think everyone is beautiful. Seriously. The secret is to look at people with genuine interest and appreciation. To see behind the shapes of eyes and lips. I am not a big fan of studio set-ups and pretending to be someone else. I like to see the beauty in the reality. That excites me. The biggest pleasure for me is when a person looks at a photo and says something like "The whole life I thought I am not photogenic and was hiding from cameras. But look at me! I am beautiful" and goes on with more self-respect and confidence.

"Creating magic"

For me magic and art are somewhere close, even interchangeable terms. Art is magic, magic is art. The creation of magic is a process, made by certain steps that require important nonmaterial ingredients. These ingredients are Allure, Decision, Movement, Choice of freedom, Courage, Persistence, Direction, Change, Pleasure, Creativity and Love.

The creative part of ourselves live in the same material world but it feels to be driven by different forces. It is not chaotic, it just has different rules and values from what our rational part used to believe in. Magic is where we have chosen freedom. We are free to be our creative selves, where we are kind to one another and our own desires and ideas. We are in contact with nature and can co-create together.     

I strongly believe that magic creation is within us and everything we need is just around and within. When the idea or intent is in place, the materials will manifest themselves. I used to believe that being self-confident is the game changer, but now I think that other ingredients are way more important.

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