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2023, March-May - Art residency, Tel Aviv, Israel

2023, May - "Unveiling the hidden souls of inanimate objects" personal exhibition as a part of group event "The dreaming house" , Tel Aviv, Israel

2023, May - "Beyond seating: chairs as decorative elements" personal installation during "Open house", Tel Aviv, Israel

2023, May - "New wave" art festival, Tel Aviv, Israel

2023 - "Muses on the go" group exhibition, Haifa, Israel

2023, March - "Women´s adventures", video art group exhibition, Haifa, Israel

2023 - "Movement" photography group exhibition, Tel Aviv, Israel

2022, November - "Art Talents Kunstmarkt", Zurich, Switzerland

2022, September - Winner of the "Best picture", Art Jobs

2021, September - Independent international festival for illustration "Mors", Moscow, Russia

2021, August - "Sea inside" art festival, Svetlogorsk, Russia

2021, May - "Earth. What comes next" group exhibition, Darwin´s museum, Moscow, Russia

2021, March - "Woman in feelings and manifestations" group exhibition, Telegraph art space, Svetlogorsk, Russia  

2021, March - "Portrait Art Show" group exhibition, Grey Cube Gallery, online gallery

2020, December - "Christmas vernissage", Russian art guide, Moscow, Russia

2020, July - Summer” group exhibition, Envision Arts, online gallery, USA 

2020, July - Special award in the contest "Female", Art Jobs

2020, June - “Warm” group exhibition, Telegraph art space, Svetlogorsk, Russia  


Exhibition "Unveiling the Hidden Souls of Inanimate Objects"
2023, a part of "The dreaming house" group event, Tel Aviv, Israel

In many mythologies, objects are believed to possess a spirit or life force. This exhibition delves into this fascinating concept of object animation, exploring how inanimate things like chairs can develop personalities and interact with each other. Each chair on display has undergone a remarkable artistic makeover, infused with a touch of magic and imagination. These chairs have taken on distinct personalities, shaped by the rich histories and experiences they have witnessed over time. They encourage you to reflect on the significance of the items that surround us in our daily lives and the potential for hidden narratives within the ordinary.

Installation "Beyond seating: chairs as decorative elements"
2023, a part of "Open House" architectural event, Tel Aviv, Israel

Art residence Kakdelart
March-June, 2023, Tel Aviv, Israel

Art festival "Sea Inside" 
August, 2021

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