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2021, August - "Sea inside" art festival, Svetlogorsk, Russia

2021, May (upcoming) - "Earth. What comes next" group exhibition, Darwin´s museum, Moscow, Russia

2021, March - "Woman in feelings and manifestations" group exhibition, Telegraph art space, Svetlogorsk, Russia  

2021, March - "Portrait Art Show" group exhibition, Grey Cube Gallery, online gallery

2020, December - "Christmas vernissage" (Рождественский вернисаж), Russian art guide, Moscow, Russia

2020, July - Summer” group exhibition, Envision Arts, online gallery, USA 

2020, July - Special award in the contest "Female", Art Jobs

2020, June - Warm” group exhibition, Telegraph art space, Svetlogorsk, Russia  


I was born in 1989 in Siberia (Barnaul, Russia). At the age of 22 moved to Zurich, Switzerland to do PhD in Molecular Biology, after to London, UK to work in business consulting. Then life made a turn and I moved to Kaliningrad, Russia to open the shop with art and craft, organise art events, launch a line of designer T-shirts, a line of photography postcards, and unite modern ceramic artists under an umbrella of the shop.

My biggest love is ceramics and photography. Sometimes other art forms are also taking my attention such as collage and digital art.


I fall in love with ceramics the moment I touched the clay for the first time and my love has just grown stronger. I started in Kaliningrad in a pottery school, then continued in the studio of the Russian sculptor. The love to ceramics brought me to Faenza and the whole new world open there to me. (There is a separate section all about Faenza where you can read more about that). Also I got involved with the ceramics world in the Netherlands.


What I love about the clay is that it is natural. Working with it is like mediation. It shapes exactly in the form that mirrors my feelings at that moment. The glaze is always a magic even if I have already worked with it for a long time. It is the magic that happens behind the closed doors of a kiln. Gods of fire and clay.


What inspires me is the new wave in which ceramics is presented now, at the same time still having deep roots in traditions of so many nations.


I have visited around 30 countries and stayed for a long period of time in 8 which gave me a broad perspective on how people perceive the world around. My photography initiated as travel photography, moved towards events, objects and people. The main theme is always focusing on atmosphere and emotion. There is a hidden message for those who can read between the lines.

“I am amazed by the light and shape, the detail. For me it is everything, the focal point, centre of my attention. I believe that art is always around and as artists our mission is to make it just a little bit more visible. I love photography because it helps me to share what I cannot express with word, like an extension of my mind, eyes and tongue”.

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